Saturday, January 25, 2014

Grain Game takes it to a new level

For several years now the Grain Game foundation has been doing creative, fun Bible camps for the young people in Karcag [KAR tsag]  in partnership with the Hungarian Baptist church there. It has been a joy and blessing to work with them.

As I type this, the foundation president--our good friend Chip Riley--is there doing a follow-up winter party for these kids.  This time he's ramping it up to a new level!  Instead of Bible lessons reinforced with unforgettably crazy games (shaving cream pie in the face, anyone?) they'll be taking a look at some pretty serious, worldview-altering topics.  Slideshows and real-life stories will bring them face-to-face with Grain Game kids like themselves in nations around the world.  Kids with a different skin color, very different backgrounds and life situations, but with the same basic needs.

  • Pray for the Karcag kids as they are confronted with the reality of what it's all about--with the lostness of the world, how God is working, and how they can be involved through prayer and missions.  
  • Pray for good communication and wisdom for Chip, for Gary, and for Tom, the kid-loving translator who is helping out.
  • Pray that God will speak to hearts and birth a new passion for following after Christ as never before.

Thank you for being a part of what is happening in Karcag today through your prayers and support!

Karcag Baptist Church's  photos from last year's Grain Game camp:

The Grain Game website:

From the city of Karcag's website -  tourism info in English

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