Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Work among Hungarians in the Ukraine

      In the past we've asked you to  pray for the 170,000 ethnic Hungarians that live in the Ukraine.  In July we met with Valentin Nehro, pastor and missions worker from the Transcarpathian region of the Ukraine, and his wife Tanya.    It was a great time of sharing, praying and encouraging one another--all over some really fine cappuccinos and coffee. 

     The Nehros said there is great openness to the Gospel in their area. 
They told us that in their work they have ethnically mixed groups, so much of it is done in both Ukrainian and Hungarian.    God is doing great things there, but they desperately need more help on the ground to accomplish what needs done.  

Their major prayer request is for people to come and work with them, whether on short-term mission trips or for longer commitments.  They are in urgent need of help in youth ministry and evangelism.  Please pray for this work and let us know if you are interested in being involved in this area.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Photos from Hajdúszoboszló English Camp 2012

Once again the  Hajdúszoboszló English camp was a great blessing to everyone involved!  Thank you to both the Cross Timber team and the  Hajdúszoboszló Baptist church for letting me use their pictures.

Opening event: a free concert by Hungarian singer Pintér Béla.  -- The Cross Timber team with Gary

One day of the camp a news crew came from the local online TV station and did several interviews.  Today I found the program on the Internet, and I was please to see how positively it was presented.  They didn't edit out the testimonies at all.  PTL!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Greece, Budapest, and the Hathcocks' move

A big "thank you" to those who continue to pray for us and the ministry here even during times when we are on the run and don't get updates posted.  You are an important part of the team and of what God is doing!

After the English camp and some time with Grain Game folks here doing more camps, we headed off for a conference in beautiful, sunny (hot!) Greece.  It was a wonderful but activity-packed time of praise and worship in English, great Bible teaching, training and updates from our leadership, and connecting and networking with co-workers from many countries. 

Shortly after we returned home, I (Carolyn), along with teammate Kimberly Hathcock and other missionary women from Hungary, had the pleasure of taking part in a women's retreat in Budapest.  It was a great experience for me, full of belly laughs and tears, music, great Bible study, fun crafts and activities--and lots of time to chat with other ladies who love the Lord.  Thank you to Kim K. and all the team from Austin for the love and care that you shared with us through the retreat. May God bless you as you have blessed us!

Today is the day we've been looking forward to ever since the Hathcock family became a part of the Eastern Hungary Team!  Moving day is upon them, and they are busy transplanting their family from Budapest, where they have been studying Hungarian, to their new home here in Debrecen.  After they get settled in, Kimberly will begin home schooling the girls, and Darrel will lead his family to begin their student outreach to young people in Debrecen and the surrounding area. (Visit the Hathcock family's blog.)

Please pray:

  • that the move and transition to life in Debrecen will go smoothly
  • for the transition back to home schooling for the girls, and for Kimberly as she teaches them
  • for the family's continued language studies
  • for great new relationships - both for needed friendships and for the opportunity to share Christ's love
  • guidance and focus for how to proceed as they move into this stage of ministry
  • that hearts will be prepared to hear the Gospel witness that will go out through the family.
  • for us to form a close, unified team, and for wisdom for Gary as our leader
Thank you for your prayers!