Saturday, February 23, 2013

Coffeehouse February update

Thursday evening coffeehouse events in Debrecen have been a blast so far in February! We've had great attendance and participation, with new faces showing up in addition to the long-term friends who keep coming back for more. 

Featured events the last three weeks have been live guitar music--country, Blues and classic rock--from our talented friend Máté, a Valentine's Day love song karaoke party, and Bunco night.  Along with the coffee, tea, snacks, laughter and games, we've also had some serious conversations. Pray that hearts will be open to the Gospel as questions are asked and we have opportunities to share our faith. Praise the Lord for the believers who are partnering with us to make the coffeehouse a fun and effective outreach. 

Please lift up the Feb 28th coffeehouse, which will be a live concert with gifted musicians Jude and Kara--we're expecting that a large crowd will be there with plenty of connecting taking place.

Here are some coffeehouse photos from the last few weeks:


For more information about the coffeehouse, look for us on Facebook or Google+ at "Connections Debrecen".

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The coffee's on

Gary is fixing the coffee now, and we're packing up the supplies and getting ready to leave for coffeehouse.  Tonight's event is the game of Bunco, which should be a lot of fun and allow for everyone to get to know each other better.  Please pray for friendships to continue to develop, for good conversations, and for opportunities to share our faith.

Please keep praying for our team member who is experiencing high levels of pain--we are asking the Lord for healing, but if this is something that we need to walk through for His glory then we ask for the strength to deal with it, for wisdom in decision-making, and for skill for the doctors.  Pray that God will provide a way for needed ministries to continue through it all.

Thank you!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Church plant update & new prayer walking project

Thank you for your prayers regarding the difficult situation at the church plant.  Praise the Lord, the discussion and warning from Scripture yesterday regarding false teaching went well.  It was very sobering for everyone, and rightly so.  Please continue to pray that our friends there, both seekers and new believers, will continue to look to the Bible for answers and not to any false, human wisdom that may be used to entice them from following after Christ.

Video prayer walk project now in progress!  Praise the Lord for partnering organization the Grain Game I type this, their excellent video guru is shooting footage for a virtual prayer walk around the Debrecen area.  Pray that God will provide exactly what is needed during the shoots to give a clear picture of the people and places, and that through it the Lord will raise up many prayer warriors.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Interesting times

We're in the midst of some very interesting times here in eastern Hungary.  Some of what's happening is very good, and some of it...well, we know the Lord has a purpose and we trust that He will work things out to His glory.

Join us in praising the Lord that we (the Millers) have found a different rental house to move to that will solve many of the problems we've been having in our current home.  The new place will have a good, stable Internet connection, will have drinkable water, will be within a short walking distance of the grocery store and many other places (rather than having to wait for an hour or more for the bus), and lots of other features that will make our lives and work go smoother.  Pray for us as we sort and pack during this month and make the move the first week of March.

Praise the Lord also for the new opportunities for ministry and possible partnerships that are in the works!  Please pray for wisdom in decision-making and that the Lord will be glorified in everything that is done.  There are so many things that we could do, and they all seem great and very needed, but we want to know which of these things the Lord wants us to do with the limited time and resources that are available.  All things are possible in His power, but we don't want to go off in directions of our own choosing instead of what He has for us.

Please pray urgently about a situation that has arisen at the church plant where we serve.  Someone is spreading very seriously non-biblical teaching and things cannot be allowed to continue as they are.  Pray that the seekers and new believers who are being exposed to these false teachings will not be confused or drawn away from scriptural truth; pray for wisdom and good communication for all of us, and that everything that is said and done will bring honor to the Lord.

One of our teammates is having a serious health issue and needs your prayers for pain relief, healing, wisdom in making treatment decisions, and that this will not hinder the work.

Thank you for your prayers...we appreciate your support and encouragement very much!