Saturday, November 12, 2011

The ministry continues!

  Thank you for praying for the clothing distribution in Tiszafüred - it was great!  The church plant group came and worked, Pastor Csaba and Sanyi (another friend from an area church) came and helped, and others donated additional clothing.  The response was quite good, and it was a blessing to see people finding things that they needed.  A big THANK YOU to everyone who helped, donated items, or prayed.  Most of all, praise the Lord for how He worked to provide the opportunity to meet needs and nurture relationships. Here are some pictures of the event:

 There was lots of help from the church plant folks.....people were happy to find needed items

We had a table of Bibles & Christian literature............Sanyi giving a Bible after a great conversation

EXCITING NEWS - After the event, the people from the church plant continued to see so much need and interest that they decided to organize another clothing distribution to make the left-over items available to more people--this follow-up distribution will be Saturday, November 19.  We're so happy that they are taking the initiative to continue this ministry!  Gary and I are available that day and will also be going to help, but we know that they would have it even if we weren't able to be there!

With cold weather settling in, families are in need of warm clothing - coats, boots, shoes, etc. - for both children and adults.  Please pray that the Lord will supply what is needed before Saturday, so that when these families come to the distribution they will be able to find what they need to stay warm.  Continue to pray for spiritual impact in addition to the material assistance that is given.

Thanks for your prayers!