Thursday, December 23, 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010

Volunteer bands in concert around E. Hungary

Things have been amazing around here over the past couple of months - its been an extremely busy time for all of us, but it's awesome to see how the Lord has been working! 

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Interns arrive safely - heading for Romania (UPDATED)

Aubree and Seth arrived safely this week ---WELCOME!---and have begun some of their orientation to the city and work. More of the orientation and their language lessons will have to be put on hold until after we get back from Romania next Sunday.  We (our whole team) are leaving this morning for Cornesti, which is close to Timisoara, where we'll be helping with an aviation youth adventure camp. Gary will be teaching classes on the physics of flight (with spiritual principles tied in), and the rest of us will be helping with audiovisuals, sports, talking with the campers, etc.  Please pray for a safe trip for us, for safety in the ultra-lite flights during the camp, and for good opportunities to share our faith with the campers.

To learn more about the foundation and the camp, see their website at

There are also some great videos showing more about it on YouTube.  The first one is newer, the second one shows more of the history of the work (in it you can also see Gary and our son and daughter.)

I'll post more after we get back, including pictures, but need to go finish getting ready now.  Thanks for the prayers!  

UPDATE:  Camp went very well...we appreciate everyone's prayers!  Sorry it's taken me so long to post pictures.  I'm trying to do better about keeping you all updated.
We met some local kids out by the airstrip........Craig loved interacting with the young people

One team with the wind tunnel that Gary made.....................experimenting with airflow

Gary teaching flight science with Edmond translating

We all enjoyed the food and our mealtimes together.................the model rockets were a blast (literally!)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Team in transition

The Eastern Hungary Team is going through a big transition...first A.P. and then Holly finished their term of service and returned to the U.S., only a week apart.  We (and lots of other people here) miss them very much!  But we're thankful for the time they were here and for all that they accomplished.  Please pray for them as they re-adjust to life in the States, catch up on things with family, and move forward to what the Lord has next for them.   Pray for us as we also adjust to life without them, and as we change direction in our ministry here. We're so glad that Stacia will be with us for another year!

About a week from now two interns will be joining us for the school year, so lift up Aubree and Seth during their travel and orientation. Pray that the Lord will lead as they find their places in ministry here.

Back row L to R - Gary and Carolyn; Front row L to R - Holly, Stacia, and A.P.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hajduszoboszlo English camp was great!

Lessons went well, English was practiced, good discussions took place, and new friendships were formed.  In spite of some challenges due to hot weather and some strong winds, classes met each day and studied English from the story of Moses in the Bible.

There were classes in the church sanctuary, in the nursery,

in the basement, in an upstairs guest room,

in the church yard, and under the carport.

Praise the Lord for all that was accomplished!  A big thank you  from the Eastern Hungary Team to the volunteer team from Cross Timber Baptist Church of Burleson, Texas (Rusty, Deborah and Christy - back row from left - Pastor Scott - bottom left); to Pastor Tibor and his family (grouped to the right in the photo); to Eszter (center front), who translated and so much more; also to countless other church members and national volunteers who translated, taught, and chased kids.

Follow-up with new friends is ongoing, and discussion and planning for next year has already begun. Thank you to everyone for your prayers!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Leaving for Day 4

We're about to head out the door for the 4th day of English camp.  Yesterday it did rain, but the classes being held outdoors did fine by moving either into the parsonage or under the carport.  We're still running between 50 and 60 students each day, and it's going really well.  Today we'll be studying English using the story of the plagues and the Passover.  Please pray that we can communicate the deeper meaning of the Old Testament story, so that they will see Jesus as the ultimate sacrifice.

Monday, July 5, 2010

First day of English camp

Today was great!  We had 60 students, which was a good turn-out without being too many to handle.  It did rain early on but stopped well before the 2:00 starting time.  We were so thankful for the cooler breezes we had, since it made it so much nicer to have the outdoor classes.  More students have said they'll join us tomorrow, so we'll see what the new day brings!  Our lessons today were based on the birth of Moses.  It's so good to know that God cares for us and can bring us through those incredibly difficult times in life when everything around us seems so wrong.  Thought for the day was "My help comes from the Lord."  Ps. 121:2a

Our thanks to all who are praying re: the weather situation and for outreach this week.  Please continue to pray!

We started off the camp gathered together for a prayer...

....and some fun songs.  The song for the week is "Pharoah, Pharoah."

Saturday, July 3, 2010

TX team arrived safely!

PTL the Texas volunteer team has arrived safely with all of their luggage!    We had a great Hungarian dinner together and the team is now settling in at their hotel.  Tomorrow morning we'll be heading to the little Baptist church in Kaba, where one of the team members, Scott, will be preaching the morning message.  Christy, Rusty and Deborah will also most likely be asked to share their testimonies, so please pray for the whole team to be able to communicate clearly from their hearts even while dealing with jet lag.  A good friend of ours from our church in Debrecen, Marti,  will be translating the sermon to Hungarian, so please pray for her, too.  We appreciate her willingness to help.

After the service we have all been invited to a cookout at the church--which does seem appropriate for the 4th of July!--and then we'll be driving on to Hajduszoboszlo, where the team will be introduced at a Pinter Bela Christian concert.  This could draw a lot of new people to the English camp this week, so we're really excited about it....and a little unnerved.  We could have way more people show up than we feel equipped to teach, but we know the Lord has a plan and will do great things! 

Cross Timber team arrives today!

Four friends from Cross Timber Baptist Church in Burleson, TX are arriving today in Budapest--we can't wait to see them!  Sunday will be some outreach, including a concert on the square in Hajduszoboszlo, then the whole week we'll be providing an English camp for the residents of that town.  English lessons will be based on the life of Moses, and I'm sure there'll be a lot of great discussion.  Attendance has been very high at this camp the last several years, and some of the classes have to meet in the churchyard because of lack of space inside.  Please pray for good weather so these classes won't get soaked or blown away!  Also please pray that many will be drawn to know the Lord through all the activities this week, along with new friendships made and language skills learned.

Pastor Tibor recently broke his arm quite badly, so pleases pray that it will heal properly, and also that the music situation will work out since he is unable to play his guitar for the camp as planned.  A young man has said he'll play for us but we haven't had the chance to get together with him yet. 

Thanks so much for lifted up everything that's going on this week!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A couple of urgent prayer requests

1.  Violent storms and flooding have affected many here in Hungary and around the area in Europe--there have been some deaths in addition to property damage and the necessity of evacuating thousands of people.  Please pray!

2.  We just found out that we are not going to be able to use the building where we had hoped to hold our upcoming volleyball tournament.  The event is scheduled for next weekend, so we urgently need prayer for wisdom and guidance in what to do now.

One more thing....we are now on day 18 of our annual "31 Days of Prayer for Eastern Hungary," but it's not too late to join in!   The prayer calendar can be downloaded at

Thanks to all who are praying!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spring volleyball tournament coming up!

A.P. and Stacia are busy planning the March 5 spring volleyball tournament, which will be held at a school gym here in Debrecen.  Please pray for all the details to come together and that a lot of students will get involved.  This morning Gary and I talked with a young man at our church who said the youth group is definitely forming a team to participate--one of the guys will also be sharing about how his life was changed, which we are really excited about!  The other teams will be from local schools, with one possibly coming from the refugee camp.

Our December 4 "Mikulas Kupa" (St. Nicholas Cup) volleyball tournament was a lot of fun for those who came.  Here's a video showing highlights (thanks for your expertise, Lee!)