Wednesday, August 20, 2008

St. Stephen's Day and the Flower Carnival

Yes, we're still here...I've just been busy (or procrastinating?) and haven't posted in a while.

Today is a really important holiday in Hungary--St. Stephen's Day.  It commemorates the founding of the Hungarian state in 1000 A.D. by the first king of Hungary, King Stephen.  His name in Hungarian is "Istvan" [EESHT-vahn].  Here are a couple of pictures I took of some of the people in the parade in traditional Hungarian dress:


Here are some little flag twirlers:

And some people from an Italian drill team (people come from a lot of countries to participate in the Flower Carnival here in Debrecen):

Finally, here's a little video I took of parts of the parade:

Hungary was founded as a Christian nation way back in 1000 AD, but to most people it is simply a cultural Christianity and not something that touches their everyday lives. Please pray that the people will come to realize that a Christian
heritage cannot take the place of a personal relationship with Christ,
and that Hungarian believers will take this opportunity to share their
faith with those around them. Pray that Hungary will become a country
that is not only culturally Christian, but also known as a place where
the Lord is truly honored in the hearts and lives of the people.

 “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD” (Psalm 33:12a).

Monday, August 4, 2008

Another sad happening

Our landlady Erzsike [AIR-zhih-keh] and her family have become our good friends over the years we've lived here in Debrecen, and have always treated us like we were part of the family.  They continually do kind things for turning up the heat for us when we're returning from a winter trip so the apartment will be warm when we get home (doesn't sound so good today, but is wonderful in February!), and leaving a pot of delicious Hungarian food for us to eat when we get home to an otherwise empty refrigerator. 

Today a little before noon our time, "Granny" passed away.  She had been sick for some time, but her passing still leaves a huge hole in her daughter Erzsike's heart, as well as the hearts of the rest of her family.  Today as we sat and talked, Erzsike told me that she has never in her whole life lived apart from her mom; even when her husband was alive, Granny lived with them.  Please pray that the Lord will comfort this dear family and bring them through this time; also pray that He will use it in their lives to draw them to Him.

Me with my friend Erzsike in her home several years ago.  Besides being a professional baker and wonderful cook, she also has an amazing green thumb...her garden is a marvel!

Bear with me, folks, a lot of good things are happening here, too...hopefully soon I'll have time to tell you more of the happy things that are going on.  Lots of pictures of the sports camp, good visits with folks in Püspökladány, plus a trip to the zoo (Levi's first!)