Tuesday, April 26, 2011

31 Days of Prayer for Eastern Hungary

Join us in May for a month-long prayer emphasis on eastern Hungary.  Download the prayer calendar from our website and pray each day for specific prayer needs and people here in our area.  Thank you for joining us in the work through your intercession!

Meet our new team members: the Hathcock family


Darrel and Kimberly have three daughters:  Arianna (13), Abigail (11), and Sophia (7), and a small black dog, Ella (see below).  Darrel was born in Amory, Mississippi, and is a graduate of the University of Mississippi and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.  Kimberly was born in Big Rapids, Michigan, and is a graduate of Missouri Baptist University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  

During seminary, Kimberly and Darrel were parts of separate evangelism ministries in New Orleans’ French Quarter.  That is where they met in March of 2003. This experience continued to remind both Darrel and Kimberly of God’s desire to reach the nations, and on June 4, 1994, the couple married.  Before serving with the IMB, Darrel served as a campus minister with Baptist Student Ministries in Carthage, Texas, and in Springfield, Missouri. 

The Hathcocks have served with the IMB since April 2002, first in the country of Belarus, followed by a second term in the country of Ukraine. During their next term the Hathcocks will join us on the Eastern Hungary team, moving to Hungary in June of 2011.  Following a year of intensive language study in Budapest the family will move to Debrecen, where they will focus on student ministries.  Please pray for the Hathcocks as they continue the process of following Him and seeking His Kingdom.

While the Hathcocks are in the U.S. Ella has been staying with the Millers, helping with computer work and other tasks.  She will be very happy to see her family arrive in Budapest in June!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Urgent prayer requests re: concert tonight - UPDATED

We’re getting ready right now to leave for Nádudvar to set up for Aubree & Seth's (our interns) concert tonight, but we are having technical difficulties with the trailer electrical system, also one problem after another in everything we’re trying to do. Please pray that we can becalm, think clearly, work through things, and get the team and equipment there and back safely.  
Pray that Seth and Aubree will be able to keep their concentration and energy level up, and will communicate the joy of the Lord through both their music and their conversations after the concert.  Most of all, pray that what the Lord wants to accomplish tonight at the concert and afterward will NOT BE HINDERED by the multiple problems that we are having, and that He will receive all the glory! 
UPDATE:  Thank you for your prayers!  The technical difficulties with the trailer were overcome (at least for now--we do have to get repairs made this week) and the concert went very well.  We are so thankful!