Monday, March 31, 2014

March update

Cherry tree in blossom next to the utility shed in our back yard
 Evenings are still cool, but days are now lovely and spring-like here in Hungary, with flowers coming up and trees blossoming.  New things are also developing in the work, and we appreciate your prayers very much.
Trees & bushes showing signs of spring at house across the street

*    Please keep praying for our Tiszafüred church plant friend "Z" and her daughter "T."  "T" will be seeing a Budapest doctor on April 22 to make plans for a very serious brain surgery. The doctors are not hopeful of a good result, so pray God will give wisdom, help, healing, and strength to deal with whatever comes.

*    Pray for several of our friends here who we have been sharing with - they have been showing receptiveness to the gospel message.  Ask the Lord to break down any barriers preventing them from coming to Christ.

*    This Wednesday, April 2, will be the first meeting of a new small group Bible study in our home - "Seven Stories of Hope."  Pray for those who will be coming, and for us and Hungarian friend Eduárd as we guide the conversation.  As we discuss these seven stories of hope from the Scripture we will also be challenging the participants to share what they are learning with other friends who need to find hope, too.

*    Last week Gary and Eduárd met with the pastor and youth pastor of Debrecen Baptist Church to cast the vision of Discipleship Multiplication Training.  Pray for wisdom for them as they think and pray about how this could be used in and by their church. Pray for us as we move forward with starting these new groups in the Debrecen area.

*    Volunteer mission teams are coming and going, doing outreach, teaching, and many other things.  Pray that God will direct them to those whose hearts He has prepared to hear the message, and that many hearts will be turned to Christ.

Thank you for joining with us in lifting up these requests!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Day of Remembrance - the 1848 Revolution

Today the nation of Hungary pauses to remember the Hungarian Revolution of 1848, which grew into a war for independence from Habsburg rule.  Pray that as the people of Hungary think of the heroes and martyrs who fought for freedom, that they will also turn their hearts to the One who came to give true freedom--the kind that can never be taken away.

March 15 parade in Debrecen, Hungary to commemorate the 1848 Revolution
For more information about the 1848 Revolution and how it is celebrated here, see