Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Camps going on this week - UPDATED WITH PHOTOS

    We are partnering this week with the Grain Game team to provide camps in Puspokladany and Karcag.  Another team, which is from Weems Creek Church in Annapolis, Maryland, arrives today to partner with Pac Kerti Mission in Debrecen.  Pray for Kingdom impact! 

UPDATE - Pictures from that week

Kids at both Grain Game camp locations, Puspokladany and Karcag, learned truths from the Bible in a fun way...lots of games and object lessons to make the nuggets of truth stick in their memory. 

Photos from the Grain Game camp in Puspokladany - Grain Game staffers are in the blue T-shirts

The Weems Creek volunteer team made a big impact in Debrecen at the Pac Kerti Mission, too.  They made a lot of good relationships among the kids and adults that were there.  At the closing ceremony of the camp the mission had a baptism for three new believers (unrelated to the camp that week), and believers came from the mother church, (Debrecen Baptist) and from other area churches.  A lot of people from the neighborhood also came out of curiosity, and they heard the Gospel shared over and over through music, testimonies and preaching.  It was an awesome day! 

The Weems Creek team with kids from the camp.......Justin, Weems Creek team leader, giving his testimony

Pastor Tibor from Hajduszoboszlo baptizing our new sister...Pastor Lajos (Debrecen Baptist), Pac Kerti Mission pastor Csaba, and Pastor Tibor pose with the baptismal candidates.  Please pray for these new believers as they continue to live out their faith with joy even in difficult times.