Thursday, November 29, 2012

Great news from Tiszafüred!

   Thank you so much for praying for the mother of one of our Tiszafüred church plant members, who the doctors had expected to pass away back in September.  Praise the Lord, we received some wonderful news this weekend—our friend told us that her mother has prayed and asked God to forgive her of her sins!  She now seems much more at peace.  Please continue to pray for this family, that the decision to follow Christ is real and that the Lord will work His will in the lives of all the family members.  Also pray for relief of pain and for strength to face whatever the Lord has for “Mama” next. 

The picture above is of Gary with our church plant members, the partnering Hungarian pastor, Csaba Pesti [CHAH-bah PESH-tee], and members from some of the other churches he pastors in the area.  They were in Tiszafüred to celebrate a day of thanksgiving with us.  In Hungary there is no officially sanctioned Thanksgiving Day, but many of the churches choose a day in the fall and come together to give thanks.  God is good and worthy of our praise!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Update on friend's mother

Thank you for continuing to pray for the elderly mother of our Hungarian friend.  In spite of what the doctor said, she is still hanging on to life and is actually eating a little more and gaining some strength.  About a week ago she said that she was seeing the Devil sitting by her bed, and she was too terrified to let herself sleep.  As of yesterday she is no longer seeing this while awake, but is having frightening dreams. Please pray that she will understand and accept the love and forgiveness that is offered through Christ and will no longer need to fear.

Also, thank you for your prayers for our family members who have been having serious health issues.  PTL, they are healing well!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hungarian Baptist Aid in New Jersey

Our thoughts and prayers are with those in the US Northeast who are suffering in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy.  May God provide for their every need and  give them comfort.  Today we were encouraged to see demonstrated once again that God's love knows no borders -- Hungarian Baptist Aid's Rescue 24 team is now on the ground in New Brunswick, NJ, serving hot meals to victims of the storm; they are partnering with the North Carolina Baptist Convention and the American Red Cross. 
Praise the Lord for our Hungarian brothers and sisters in Christ and the many others who care enough to help in such practical ways.  May the Lord use them in a mighty way to show His love, meeting both physical and spiritual needs.
Hungarian Baptist Aid article (in Hungarian):