Friday, November 28, 2014

A Taste of American Thanksgiving

Each year in November our Thursday evening coffeehouse outreach features "A Taste of American Thanksgiving," which is an opportunity for many students from around the world to experience this special holiday for the first time.  What a great opportunity it is to not only share a cultural experience, but also to share about the goodness of God!

Monday, November 24, 2014


Thanksgiving celebration in Tiszafüred
Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Hungary as an official holiday as it is in the US.  Many of the churches do set aside a special Sunday, however, when they come together to give thanks to the Lord for the blessings of the year.

Yesterday the church plant in Tiszafüred hosted such a celebration, and many joined us from sister churches in nearby towns. It was a great encouragement and blessing to praise God together for who He is and all that He has been doing in our lives!

Our friend and church plant group member "Z" gave testimony of the Lord's faithfulness in walking with her and her daughter "T" through very dark days, as T had a long-awaited brain surgery earlier this year.  T has been doing much better since the surgery, but has now begun to have very troubling episodes again. Pray for them especially this Wednesday, November 26, as they will be returning to the doctor in Budapest for some tests and a consultation.  Also pray for church plant member "J," who is losing her sight from glaucoma.  Thank you!

We wish you all a very blessed Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Struggling father

Farm workers in Hungarian field, summer 2014 
(photo courtesy of Curtis Smith)
I've been chatting today with a Hungarian friend who lives in a small town not far from here.  He is struggling to make ends meet, and he seems to be getting desperate.  The only job he can find, temporary farm work, just isn't enough to pay the bills and provide for his kids.

Please pray for "J." right now, that he will be able to find work that will take care of their needs, and that he will not be discouraged from his spiritual journey toward Christ.  Lift up this seeker and the believers who have been sharing their faith with him.

Also pray for the many other families like this one, who are feeling hopeless and helpless as they see the winter approaching.  May the Lord provide for their material and spiritual needs as only He can!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Urgent prayer needs

Many of our friends here are going through really rough times right now, and we would appreciate prayer.  We know that God is able to walk with them through the trials and to somehow, miraculously, use the bad stuff for's just hard to see that sometimes when we're in the midst of it all.
  • "T" and his family are dealing with a very serious legal issue.  T is a new believer but his family do not know the Lord.  Ask for help in the situation, but also that God will use this to draw them to Himself, uniting them in love as a family.  Ask that T will come through the current discouragement stronger than ever.
  • "J" has recently gone blind in one eye from glaucoma and the other eye is also getting rapidly worse; the doctor gives her no hope for healing.  Pray for her sight, for encouragement, and that this will strengthen rather than damaging her new-found faith. She is also desperate to retire from the bar where she works, but has no other means of supporting herself. Many are watching her reactions during these trials, as she has been very vocal in sharing about the Lord and His faithfulness.
  • "M" and her teenage daughter "D" are walking a dark road, as "D" was recently diagnosed and hospitalized with manic depression.  Pray that she will get the help that she needs, and that through this terrible time they will both come to faith in Christ.
  • Pray for us, also, that we will have wisdom in dealing with these and many other difficult circumstances that we are faced with each day.  Ask that we will remember to live in the joy of the Lord without being overcome with the darkness and despair that so often surround us.  Thank you!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Today in history...Soviets crush Hungarian revolt

As I type this, the nation of Hungary is holding a day of mourning, remembering the tragic events of November 4, 1956.  58 years ago today Soviet tanks rolled in to Budapest and viciously crushed the 12-day-old revolution against Soviet oppression.  Thousands of Hungarians were killed, and nearly a quarter-million fled their homeland.

Pray for Hungarians today both in Hungary and around the world. Ask the Father to comfort them as they mourn; ask that their hearts will turn to the One who gives ultimate victory and hope that can never be taken away.

For more information about the historical events: