Tuesday, May 1, 2007

5 weeks left / May Month of Prayer

It's hard to believe there are only 5 weeks left before we are scheduled to return to Hungary!  So much to do, so many people we want to see...Lord, please give us wisdom in how we use our time and resources.  I have such conflicting emotions right now.  I absolutely long to get back to Hungary and the people there, yet I feel that we've been so busy that we haven't had enough time with family and friends yet. And weren't we supposed to get some rest and relaxation before we start another term?  When...how...?  

Home sweet home in Debrecen, Hungary.  Yep, that's our balcony with the bike on it.  To the right are steps that lead up to the front door of our apartment.  I love it when all the vines are leafy and green here in the courtyard.  When I come through the gate (behind you in the picture) I often pause and soak in the lovely sight.  You should see it at night when the moon is out!  I'll post a picture some time if I can get a good one.

We still don't have clearance from the medical department to return to the field, but hopefully it will work out and there won't be any delays.  We're so excited about what the Lord is going to do this summer; it's incredible the way He's speaking to people about coming to help.   Since He's doing that, then He must be working on hearts over there, too, preparing them for what He's got in mind. 

Today begins the annual "31 Days of Prayer for Eastern Hungary" prayer emphasis...please join us!  There's an online version on our team website, and you can also download a Word or PDF version.  This year during the month of May we're praying for a different city/town every day. These are places in eastern Hungary that are very much on our hearts, places where we've been and either prayer walked or done some other kind of work.  We believe that focused prayer for the people in these places will make a huge impact, and will help prepare the way for the work that's about to begin when we get back to the country and start the summer projects.  If you're able, please pray with us, and let's see what the Lord will do!  Thanks, y'all!  (See, I can speak a little Texan.)