Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving blessings

It was a joy to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Budapest team - we are blessed to have such wonderful people to serve with.  We always come away filled with encouragement (and in this case, with some really tasty food, too!)

Praise the Lord for how He meets our every need and beyond, and for the family He gives us when we are missing those back home in the U.S.  Pray that we will always keep a thankful heart no matter what circumstances arise.  It gives glory to God, keeps us from becoming discouraged, and is a witness to the people around us that the joy of the Lord is not dependent on the crazy ups and downs of life.

Photo of Team Budapest with support personnel
Team Budapest with support personnel

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Snow flurry sighting

As I left the grocery store this morning I was excited to see the first snow of the season--it was only a flurry, but a thrill nonetheless!  I know a month or so from now it won't sound as fun, but today when I saw the swirling white flakes I felt like a little kid again.  I love to see the changing of the seasons, and this one reminds me that Christmas isn't far away!

What a blessing it is to see the wonders of nature and think how the Creator God became man, came down to us and brought the greatest gift of love ever given.   

Pray that our friends here in Hungary will look beyond the wonders of creation to the Creator who loves them and has provided the way to forgiveness and new life in Christ.

Neighborhood view with snow flurries
Click photo for enlarged version

A view of our neighborhood from the balcony.  The camera didn't pick up the snow flurries very well, but if you look closely you can see white spots  in the photo and a slight bit of accumulation on the roof of the house to the left. More will come, I'm sure! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Namesake restaurant

Last Sunday when we were in Tiszafüred we went back to the Molnár Vendéglő, our favorite restaurant in the town.  Interestingly, the Hungarian word "molnár" means "miller," so we've felt a special affinity for the place from the very beginning.

In past years when we were going every week to serve at the church plant we would always stop there to eat.  Besides enjoying some very fine traditional Hungarian food, we became good friends with the owners and waitresses, and a lot of great conversations and sharing took place.

It was wonderful on Sunday to renew our acquaintance with the Molnár friends!  Please pray for these hard-working people and their families;  ask that Gospel seeds sown over the years will bear fruit in their lives.