Thursday, October 8, 2009

First night of coffee house outreach / Recycled in the news again

We'll soon be heading out the door to set  up for the first night of our coffee house here in Debrecen (Zsuzsanna guest house basement, Péterfia u. 34, near the Debrecen Plaza.)  There'll be coffee, snacks, games, and English conversation for anyone who wants to drop in any time between 8 and 10...there was going to be live piano music, too, but unfortunately the pianist, Viktor "Jimmy" Fercsik, has gotten sick and won't be able to play for us tonight.  Please pray he feels better soon.  Lots of nasty bugs going around these days.  Also pray that this new outreach will provide many opportunities for relationship-building and sharing.

Someone at the Euro School gave Gary a photocopy of yesterday's article about the Recycled concerts here in Debrecen.  Here is what they said...

                     From the Hajdú-Bihari Napló, Sept. 7

...and here's my rough translation.   Any Hungarians out there may feel free to correct it for me and my feelings won't be hurt (this language definitely keeps me humble!)

Recycled in Music

The American Christian classic/alternative rock music group Recycled has made their debut in Hungary. Their first concert in Debrecen was held in the gymnasium belonging to the Euro High School/Tech School and Baptist Bilingual High School at Angyalföld Square. The school's English lector, Gary Miller, arranged for the program. In their songs the band gave voice to Christian feelings and interpretation of Bible stories. The following day they were on stage at the Bridge Cultural Center on Miklós Street.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pray for the Bereczki family - updated

I just found out that Szilvi, the young daughter of our pastor here in Hungary, passed away unexpectedly while studying in Spain. From what I’ve been able to find out, yesterday she went into a coma for unknown reasons, and they took her to the emergency room.  Pastor Bereczki and his wife got to the Spanish hospital as quickly as they could, and tests found that she had leukemia.  This morning she passed away…..we are all in shock.  Please be praying for the family, the church (Debrecen Baptist) and all her friends.  She was such a lovely, vibrant, talented girl…this is truly hard to comprehend.  We know that one day they will be reunited, but for now the grief must be overwhelming.  Only the Lord can give the strength the family needs to make it through this tragic time in their lives.  Please hold them up in prayer.
Addendum: here's a link to the Debrecen Baptist Youth webpage, for any of you who read Hungarian. It has updates, and at the time I write this has a picture of Szilvi on the right. Currently offerings are being collected to help in the family's expenses in travel and in bringing her home; these costs are horrendous, around 16,500 USD. Please pray that the Lord will supply, and that He will continue to bring the family, friends, and church through this time of shock and grief.