Thursday, September 18, 2008

People and plants

A good friend from out of town dropped by today with her baby.  She had an hour or so between appointments, so we had time for coffee, mutual encouragement, and laughter over the antics of little Mirjam.  Please pray for Marian and her family, as life isn't easy at all for them right now...they need provision, strength, wisdom, and rest in the midst of troubled times.

Gary went to a meeting in Poland this week and Holly is on vacation with her parents, so it was very nice to have someone to talk to that's a bit more conversational than my houseplants are!  (Good listeners, but they just don't give much input.)  

Speaking of plants, it's gotten chilly enough here that I've started bringing some of the balcony ones inside.  I've got to figure out what to do with the big, prickly cactus that's out there, though.  It has a tendency to reach out and grab people if they get too close, and I don't know where I can put it inside that will give it enough light without being a danger to passers-by.  It was a gift from a friend just a couple of months ago, so in past years I didn't have this to deal with.   Hmmmm.

Mr. Prickles

The begonias are still doing their part to brighten up my life. 
Gotta love 'em!