Friday, February 24, 2012

Medical clearance praise report

Before returning to the field we each have to get the OK from the medical department, and yesterday I (Carolyn) got an email saying that I am cleared to return to Hungary in May. PTL!

Please pray that Gary will soon be able to get the appointment he needs to complete his required exams also, and that he'll be able to get his medical clearance without any further delay.

Thanks for praying for us!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Visiting in the States!

Hello, everyone.  We've been transitional since just before Christmas, so I'm sorry I've not been posting.  Stateside Assignment isn't a vacation for missionaries, but we did take time off over the holidays to spend time with family, which was fantastic!  Then we got word from friends back in Hungary that our house there has been burglarized, so we've been very busy dealing with that.  Trying to figure out exactly what all is missing from long distance isn't easy, but our friends and co-workers have been very helpful (thanks, guys!)  We've been making lists of information for the Hungarian police, searching for information to turn in to the insurance company, and dealing with a lot of other things because of what happened. We appreciate everyone's prayers as we continue to work through it all and deal with the emotions that also come up when something like this happens.

We're in the US until the end of May doing a lot of speaking at churches and missions conferences (maybe we'll get to see some of you), hanging out with friends and family as much as we can, and eating at Arby's whenever possible (something I miss in Hungary!)    "Home base" is in Missouri, but we've already been in Virginia and Colorado, Gary has been to Houston for a training conference, and we're now in Wichita, Kansas at my sister Nancy's, who is our Stateside Prayer Coordinator.  Yesterday we  had a great time at her church, where we enjoyed worshiping in English and met some wonderful people.  Thanks, Metropolitan Baptist, for letting us share a little with you about our work, and for all your prayers and encouraging words.  It's always great to meet brothers and sisters in Christ, no matter what continent we're on.  God is good!