Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pray for "J"

Sunday we found out that Hungarian friend "J" collapsed several days ago and was taken by ambulance to the hospital in another town.  He has been attending the church plant meetings off and on for quite a while now, is willing to talk about spiritual things to some extent, but has not committed his life to the Lord.  The last we heard was that they were doing tests to determine what is wrong with J, and that he is extremely weak.

Please pray for our friend's healing and difficult situation in life, but most of all that this medical emergency will be the catalyst that brings him to the spiritual decision-point; pray that J will give his life to Christ and follow after Him in joyful obedience.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Update to urgent prayer request

Praise the Lord, our friend is doing much better now and has been allowed to go home.  Thank you to everyone who has been praying!  Please continue to lift him and his family up, that they will have a good restful night tonight and peaceful day tomorrow as they process the day's happenings together.  Next week there will be more tests looking for the cause of the problem, so pray that it will all go well.

Thank you again!

Urgent prayer request

A co-worker/friend is having a medical emergency right now --  the ambulance is on its way.  Please pray for him and his family, for the medical personnel, for good communication across language barriers, for the peace of God and His healing hand to be very evident to all.

Thank you!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

There's an elephant in my coffee!

OK, it was actually a cappuccino, but somehow I just wasn't expecting to see a foamy Jumbo on top of my java--I had to smile and applaud the barista's artistry!  

Coffee and cappuccinos are both a big part of friendships and ministry here in Hungary, both in malls and at the wonderful little sidewalk coffee shops that are so common in this part of the world.   It's amazing how God can use these times of casual conversation ...we just have to take the time to sit, chat, and let Him love people through us.

Please pray that the Lord will use our coffee-time conversations to encourage, uplift, and to draw new friends to Christ.