Friday, September 20, 2013

Training at Pacikert mission church

Praise the Lord, the long-awaited Decentralized Theological Education (DTE) program has now begun again in our area, bringing practical theological education to the church leaders instead of sending them away for training. Gary left just now to go and teach the second session. Surprisingly, when setting up the program, the Pacikert mission church invited all attenders to join. More signed up than were expected, including several seekers.
  • Pray that as Gary teaches them about the New Testament, the Word will work in the hearts of the people--seekers and believers alike--and that God will be glorified. 
  • Also lift up the mission church, that the people will be encouraged and provided for, and that they will continue to reach out to that very troubled part of Debrecen.

Pastor Csaba and his wife Marika of the Pacikert mission church
The mission church's new facility - the Lord provided this through the work and donations of local believers

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