Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May month of prayer - Day 8: Miskolc / Williams Baptist team has arrived

Miskolc is today's featured city -- it's the 3rd largest in Hungary, and has a lot going on including manufacturing and a major university. The economic situation has hit Miskolc very hard, though, so please pray that the Lord will use this in the hearts of the people.  Pray they will turn to Him in their difficulties and not give in to despair or depression.  Check out our virtual city tour of Miskolc on the prayer calendar.


The Williams Baptist College volunteer team arrived yesterday!  Pray for them as they spend time on campus and hang out with the young people at the Thursday evening coffeehouse, that God will give them opportunities to make new connections and to share what the Lord means to them. Praise the Lord for our teammate Darrel Hathcock and his family as they work with the team; pray for wisdom and good communication for Darrel as he provides the needed leadership for this group. 

Gary is staying behind the scenes for a while as he continues to recover from his back surgery--please pray for his continued healing, for relief from pain, and for wisdom in how to use his time and energy.

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